First timers

Welcome! We are so happy to have you. Please refer to the do’s and don’ts below. In addition, make sure not to be tardy to the party! Arrive 10-15 minutes early to receive a machine demo as well as an introduction to the instructor.

Do’s & Don’ts for First Timers and Veterans!

•   DO-Bring socks-

For safety and sanitary reasons, we require all clients to wear non-slip, grippy socks during the class. You can bring your own OR purchase in studio for $20. No shoes are required for classes. You will not be allowed to take a class if you do not have grippy socks.

•   DO- Bring a hand towel as you will most likely sweat!

•   DO- Store your credit card

This makes checkout a breeze, even if you go wallet-free!

•   DON’T- Wear jewelry 

NOT a good idea and will be a distraction in studio.

•   DON’T- NO cell phones during classes, let yourself have 50 minutes that is all about you.

•   DO- BYOH- Bring your own hydration

We have a water dispenser, and some clients prefer to tote their own hydration.

Classes, Studios, Waitlists, and more…

How do I buy and book into classes?

You can purchase and book into classes online.  Simply click on schedules, select the studio of choice, create an online profile, purchase a package, and book into a class.  You can only book into classes if you have purchased a class or a package – we do not ‘hold’ any machines. We recommend booking early and often as classes do sell out!


Are classes transferrable between different JetSet Locations?

Classes CANNOT be shared between locations or clients.  In order to book into a specific studio, you must create an online profile for that location and purchase a package for that specific location. Exceptions include Gables/South Miami/Palmetto and Brickell/Wynwood. These locations share classes within their respective clusters.


What if I can't come to class and I have already been confirmed? Will I be charged?

JetSet operates on a strict 12-hour cancelation policy. Yes, even if it is your first time! Our classes are small in size and it impacts other clients and instructors if you late cancel or no show. The same rules apply if you are making a change to your class time. You must cancel at least 12 hours prior to class start or you will lose your class credit. If you have an unlimited membership, we will charge a $25 late charge every time you cancel or reschedule a class without giving the proper 12-hour notice. There are no exceptions, so please do not ask! 


How do I cancel a class?

You must sign into your account to make any cancellations or changes. Phone calls and emails are not an acceptable form of canceling.  Also please do not sign up for a class at one time and show up at another. You will be charged for both if you did not cancel in time. 


Will my spot be given away if I am late to class?

Yes. If you do not arrive by the time the class is scheduled to start, so for example, 930am for a 930am class, your space may be given to someone who is waiting. There is NO grace period, as our class sizes are small and we give top priority to the clients who have arrived in studio, on time.


What is the Waitlist and how does it work?

•   If a class you’d like to take is full, we highly recommend adding yourself to the waitlist. 

•   In order to do so, you must purchase a class or package. Don’t fret, if you do not get booked into the class, your account will not be deducted.

•   If a machine becomes available, you will be automatically added to the class and you will also receive an email confirmation. 

•   All classes have a 12-hour cancellation notice. This means that if you're added to a class from the waitlist at the last minute, please be aware the 12-hour cancellation window still applies. 

•   The waitlist closes 12 hours prior to class start time.

•   If you are no able to take class, you will need to remove yourself from the waitlist 12 hours in advance of the class. If you are added to the class and fail to remove yourself in time, you will lose the class credit.

To check waitlist status: Log into your account, go to “My Info”, and click on “My Schedule”. If you are added to the class it will show “Waitlist Confirmed.” If you are no longer able to take class, be sure to remove yourself.


How do the 30 day passes work?

30 days passes are a great way to customize your fitness routine. You can choose between 4, 8, 12, and 16 class passes. These 30 day passes do not roll over month to month AND you are not charged automatically, you simply opt in and buy as you please. This way you can travel, entertain, and keep up with your busy lifestyle without sacrificing your time, money, or JetSet classes! Price per class is as follows: $25 for 4 classes, $23 for 8 classes,  $22 for 12 classes, and  $19 for 16 classes.


Can I take a JetSet class if I’m pregnant?

The professional medical opinion is that it is inadvisable to try a new workout while pregnant, especially one that is as core intensive as JetSet. If, however, you have been a regular client, you may book private sessions during your pregnancy. Please consult with your doctor before changing your exercise regimen.


Are my purchases refundable or transferable?

All purchases are final, and are not transferrable. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.


Can I bring my children to class if they sit quietly while I work out?

Children and pets are not allowed in the studio.  It is unsafe, and a distraction for other clients and for you! Carve out those 50 minutes for yourself.

I left belongings at a studio:

JetSet does not have a lost and found and cannot be responsible for personal belongings. Please make sure to take everything with you after class!


Pregnant? Injured? Busy schedule? Or a Challenger looking for a more targeted and customized session with laser focused form cues and adjustments?

A private session is the JETSET class for you. Simply purchase online and email to book at a time, studio, and date of choice.